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Welcome to My Website

Writing has been a part of my life since childhood.
Sometimes I write what I imagine - fiction.
Sometimes I write about people's lives that
inspire me and spur me on - biography.
Sometimes, out of life's experience, I write
on 'How to do" - self-help.

Now I invite YOU to share in these recorded adventures.
Perhaps you too
will catch some of the optimism, inspiration and hope from these stories.

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FASK Jacket Cover

From a Street Kid

Paperback & Kindle

ISBN: 978-1-78003-3808

The incredible true life story
As a five year old, he was abandoned. As a teenager he was homeless, jobless, illiterate, led a violent gang, did drugs, alcohol and crime. Then, at twenty, out of the blue, his life totally changed.

"From reading this story I realised that, no matter what your background, you can change" Tasha, teenager.

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