A personal note from the author

"As a child I was always fascinated by the world around me and started scribbling stories for my mother as soon as I could write. I grew up on an idyllic small farm above Van Reenen's pass in South Africa and through the local Zulus my eyes were opened to the plight of the poor. Like most people, I experience ups and downs, winning and losing; hope and despair. My mother taught me to never give up and put me on the high road to hope and my optimistic father taught me to persevere and seek the truth. My writings reflect these themes as does my love of Africa and our charity The Thembisa Trust. I hope you find my website helpful, thank you for all your support.

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Tonia Cope Bowley has been a published author since 1981 when she published Computing using Basic; An Interactive approach (Ellis & Hardwood Ltd) which sold over 16,000 copies.  

Tonia was born in South Africa and her first public writings were in her final year at school where her weekly notes were published in the Estcourt Gazette. She taught mathematics in South Africa and went on to accept a ‘Computing’ teaching and research post at Oxford University.    
Due to severe Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) her Oxford career of 28 years ended abruptly. Since then, free from the constraints of institutional employment, she is fulfilling her dream of creative writing. Her first project was to write: ‘RSI - How to avoid it - and what to do if you've got it’.
Numerous stories for her children followed (as yet unpublished). One example is ‘Quiet Kumalo’ which won first prize in a short story competition in South Africa. 

With her husband, Stephen, Tonia founded a charity - The Thembisa Trust that aims to raise funds to give a chance in life to some of the poorest in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Computing using Basic; An Interactive approach
Published 1982, Computing Technical
Ellis & Hardwood Ltd

RSI – How to avoid it and what to do if you’ve got it 
Published 2006, Self-help
ISBN: 1-897312-23-7

From a Street Kid - Stephen Lungu's incredible Life-Journey
Published 2012, Biographic teen story
ISBN: 978-1-78003-3808

One Man Three Lives  
Published 2018, Adult Biography
ISBN: 978-0-9935332-0-4