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The Thembisa Trust (registered charity no: 801978) was founded in 1988 by Tonia Cope Bowley and her husband Stephen. This UK based charity raises much needed funds for grassroots development projects in South Africa.


A personal note from Tonia

“I am personally thrilled by the many people this charity has enabled to ‘step onto the first rung of the ladder’ out of poverty into self-sufficiency."

I feel passionate about this charity because:

  • South Africa has fallen off the charity giving radar

  • Africa is the most neglected continent despite great human and natural resources

  • Poverty and unemployment affect some 22 million people

  • Half of all South Africans, including three out of every four children, live below the poverty line  

Typical Projects Supported: Education and training, Income generation and Community projects (e.g. orphanages, food kitchens)

If you have a heart for disadvantaged people in South Africa please join Tonia in supporting this cause. You can donate via the Thembisa website where you will find information on lots of other ways you could help.