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One Man Three Lives

Adult Biography

How quickly things can change...from bankruptcy to prison to inferno! Meet Fred, a successful Yorkshire business man, turned respected consultant in China, turned South African farmer. Fred never gave up in the face of adversity. What was his secret?

Follow this fascinating and historic account of a humorous and courageous character looking for solutions and survival.

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From a Street Kid 

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ISBN: 987-1-78003-3808

The incredible true story
As a five year old, he was abandoned. As a teenager he was homeless, jobless, illiterate, led a violent gang, did drugs, alcohol and crime. Then, at twenty, out of the blue, his life totally changed.

Brilliantly illustrated by Niko Petropouleas this book can bring hope where there is despair and may be instrumental in a positive turn-around for those trapped by rejection, failure, poverty, drugs and crime.


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Repetitive Strain Injury
How to avoid it and what to do if you've got it

Paperback & Kindle

ISBN: 1-897312-23-7

"Best self-help book on RSI"*
This self-help book was written by Tonia after a personal five year struggle with chronic RSI. If you use a computer, mobile phone or tablet for work or for fun, this is the book for you. 

"I am delighted to recommend this book that will help sufferers and clinicians alike. It will give those at risk of RSI the chance to avoid it and empower those with symptoms to improve the situation". Dr. Andy Chivers, GP: Oxford City PCT Executive Committee Chair.

*"Best self-help book on RSI I have ever seen" Dr.P.V.A. MacLoughlin, Consultant in Occupational Medicine, Harley Street, London.