From a Street Kid

From a Street Kid

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ISBN: 978-1-78003-3808

The incredible true life story
Stephen's mother was fourteen when he was born. Her parents had arranged her marriage against her will to a much older man. At five Stephen was abandoned in a market place to fend for himself, his brother of three and his baby sister. From the time he was eleven until twenty he was a street kid living under a bridge, his bed a hollow he dug in the sand. His food in garbage bins in the rich white suburbs of Salisbury, Rhodesia. Stephen became the leader of a violent gang. They stole, maimed and killed using knives, guns and homemade bombs. 

One night they set out to blow up a bank but stumbled across a huge Christian tent meeting and decided instead to destroy the tent and those in it. Inquisitiveness drew Stephen into the tent. In those few minutes the path of his life changed forever.  


This book is delightfully illustrated by Niko Petropouleas and tells Stephen Lungu's amazing story.

It will keep you turning the pages as one extraordinary happening after another unfolds.

Fact is far, far stranger than fiction!

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