Repetitive Strain Injury


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How to avoid it - and what to do if you've got it

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ISBN: 1-897312-23-7

This self-help book was written by Tonia after a personal five year struggle with chronic RSI. If you use a computer, mobile phone or tablet for work or for fun, this is the book for you!

"This book presents information in a helpful and accessible way."

"With RSI, I could not do my job or many everyday things. By following the advice in this book I rarely have any symptoms."

"This book is very readable; the wicked mouse helps it along!"

“Your book is well put together and very readable. It would be great if it were in every school and college.” Mouse with mallet

“This is the best self-help book on RSI I have ever seen.”
Dr P.V.A. MacLoughlin, Consultant in Occupational Medicine, Harley Street, London.

"I am delighted to recommend this book that will help sufferers and clinicians alike. It will give those at risk of RSI the chance to avoid it and empower those with symptoms to improve the situation." Dr Andy Chivers, GP, Oxford.

RSI Take a Break“Your excellent and informative book is much needed. It helps to back up the guidance we produce, which aims to encourage best practice and highlights the danger of Work Related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULD)." Sarah Moore, Musculoskeletal Disorder Policy Unit, Health and Safety Executive (HSE UK).