Quiet Kumalo


Quiet Kumalo

Illustrated children's book Coming Soon

"Once upon a turn-of-the-world, on the edge of a remote African village, a boy child was born to Solly and Maria. In his mother's eyes he was a perfect baby. He was tiny and did not cry very much. When he did cry it was like music in his mother's ear. She had wanted a baby for so long and at last she was a proud and contented mother. In contrast, Solly did not share her happiness. He seemed distant and disturbed by this disruption to his quiet life. The crying made him feel uneasy and if the truth be told he resented this extra mouth to feed when they could hardly feed themselves. Solly was convinced his son was stupid until the day of extraordinary and unexpected twist of events made him think again." 

Set in rural Africa this story will captivate readers from six years upwards.

Quiet Kumalo is a short story of a child growing up in a remote African village. From birth Kumalo was resented by his father. Family life was strained until one day his mother entrusted him to undertake a task...Would Kumalo's creative and versatile approach win his father over?

Quiet Kumalo won first prize in South Africa in the Natal University/Indewe Risk short story competition 2007.