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Other contacts

African Enterprise

From a girl growing up in South Africa I remain passionate about helping those less fortunate than others and this is reflected in some of my writing. I am a supporter of African Enterprise, a Christian organisation whose mission is to focus on the cities of Africa through 'word and deed'; - training, peace building, evangelism, aid and development.   

Thembisa Trust

Thembisa was founded in 1988 in order to support disadvantaged people at the grassroots struggling to survive. Thembisa is a small UK charity that raises money to fund grassroots projects in South Africa. Despite positive changes problems of poverty and unemployment affecting some 22 million people, remain. Africa is the most neglected continent so Thembisa's support gives to some a chance to 'step onto the first rung of the ladder’ out of poverty and into self- sufficiency. As co-founder of Thembisa, with Stephen Bowley, my husband, I am passionate about what Thembisa does and can do. I'd love to hear from you if you have a similar interest.